Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home



I like houses that look like they're from the OC.

Unrealistic Expectations. I would NEeeeever buy a home like this. But I sure do like the looks of em. And I say never, but if it came down to it, and I had millions of dollars handed to me, I sure would snag one of these little guys up. But if I couldn't pay in full, anything over 250,000 wouldn't be happening.

I love this one because it looks like Sabrina's.
Sometimes I concentrate more on floor plans, than I do the actual look of the house. 
Cosmetic decorating can always change, floor plans can't.

This house reminds me of the one from The Notebook. 
I want to re-decorate it and show it some tlc.

The house on the right is from Practical Magic. 
I'm not a fan of the closed room floor plans in traditional Victorian homes, 
but I absolutely love the aesthetic appeal of their exteriors. 

Love the pop of color!


I want a steeple.

I want it. I love compact homes. 
I tend to find I have less clutter and useless objects if I'm in a more contained area.
This is me controlling my OCD by concentrating it on my anti-hoarding habits.

I like the one on the right. 
When I house-hunt, my home will hopefully look like this.... 
or at-least my second or third home will.

The pathway on the right reminds me of Forrest Gump.

Go Green.

Go more Green.

Go Blue?

this one makes me want to fish for breakfast. and read magazines 24 hours a day.

Castle vs. Mansion?
Mansion Wins.

Bounce House!!!!

Cutie Patootie.


I want to go house hunting today. Right now.


  1. I loved (and still do) the purple house on porter ave across from DYC... also I believe the photo of the path that you said looks like forest gumps (lol) is oak alley plantation... it was the plantation used in interview with a vampire and other movies which i fail to recall, it is fantastic and you would love it! I was there about 8 years ago!


  2. Love the victorian homes! But now my favorite and MUST HAVE is the castle that is built into/on the rocks right on the ocean!!!!!

  3. OMG KATY! If I had a picture of that purple home in Buffalo, it would have most DEF made this list.
    And you visited a house like the one with the beautiful path!?! omg! what a dream come true! Did you get to stay in it like a hotel? or was it a tourist attraction? It's so pretty. I would want a path to my home someday, but the build up to what it would lead to would be nothing at all. lol

  4. That's what the sims is for :)