Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Delicious Decor

Love tiffany's blue. 
You could paint it on anything and I'd pretty much pay anything for it. 
Look at that oober cute bedroom swing? 
How romantic is that? 
I wanna place a TV in front of it and watch movies with Sean while eating out of a vintage popcorn container. 

The blue makes me want to paint every nick-nack I own.

               I like the idea of the office inside a closet. Look at how perfect that is. 007 style.
               And always loved the rustic look of silverware. Silverware wind-chimes!

For those of you always looking for ways to display jewelry more elegantly. 
The one above makes me anxious because I would have to choose a spot for my jewelry and stick with it. Sean knows how bad I am about that. But tempted to do it when my residence becomes more permanent.
The one below blew me away. I LOVE the actual dartboard being used as a cork board.

I thought the candle display was to die for.

Can you say "must"?

Someday, I will have to do this with my books. Screw my OCD nature of categorizing my DVD's, CD's, and books by author/director, genera, or title. It's time to reconnect with my Crayola side.

The round book shelf is from pottery barn. it's only about 9 kazillion dollars and I need it. It's a need.

How can I find a boat steerer?

You Nintendo gamers and BMX lovers gotta love this.

That's a TV!

The picture on the right, is of my living room. I like incorporating Sean's passions in my home decor style.
The picture on the left, incorporates an aspect I used to decorate the walls at my wedding.

Sean and I used to live in the city. One time, a nearby neighbor placed a couch in his yard sale. I beeeegged Sean for it, but we were too tight on cash, and he being the more financially responsible one when it comes to splurging on home decor, stopped me. Well, when we got payed later in the month, I went looking online for one. Come to find out the couch was SUPER vintage by some old designer that made the first successful line of office furniture, that couch included. Now, the cheapest you can get them for is $2,000. I would have worked the street corner for a night if I had known that. Now I just daydream about breaking into Blackout warehouse and smuggling the one the owner has there. *tear

Can I please make a piano bench dinning table someday? and when I say "I", I mean "Sean". And my dogs would appreciate a peephole. Just sayin.

This is going in my office in a closet.

I want that post card holder thingie only bigger. I wanna put mags/books in it.

again... for my office closet.

The rainbow colored pencil holder is going to be on both my closet office doors. The pebbles will probably be in there too.

Can I have a sanbox in my home?? What about my apartment?