Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wild Wonder

  I looooove animals. I really wish I had pursued a veterinarian degree or a 
zoologist. I always hear its never too late though.

My biggest fear is rabbies. I'm not joking.

Poor lil' guys.

My brother and his wife randomly buy microscopic sea horses and
they are SO cute and interesting to watch. But they die fast/easily.


OMG. Can you say panic attack? I would flip out if I were on that boat. SO awesome, but SUPER scary.

I hate ladybugs. They bite. I am more afraid of them than I am of spiders.

This is sad. Fight pollution. Recycle.

                                                                                 Kye Fly.

I met this photographer at the arts festival in Brockport. I have looked for his booth 
every year since then and havn't seen him. I regret not buying a print of 
this photo when I had the chance. Would have been worth every penny.

Balto is my hero.

This one makes me panic. I rather she hurry up and scoop the lil guys outta the sink.

Love bugs.

Becky's fav.

Makes me want to go to the zoo.


I want a pet skunk.

                       (Becky's pic of goat)                                     Oink Oink


  1. omg your so cute putting giraffes on this. i love the mommy and the baby picture! and i need a cute fuzzy baby pig!

  2. i am so glad i am not the only person who wants a pet skunk!!!

  3. my mom just aquired a baby woodchuck it fallowed my bother home.. and it just keeps coming back.... so thier pretty sure he's hear to stay....i hope he makes it.. he's pretty neat.


  4. Becky, you need a pet pig, or giraffe. I saw a mini one on this webpage and it has a camera set up in their cage. i don't know if I believe it though. It seems too good to be true.

    Katy, skunks are adorable!!! They only spray when in fear, besides that they look like cats with bushy tails and a cute color pattern.

    Stacey, a pet woodchuck! Get that thing house trained! That would be epic.

  5. just got some sad news... baby woodchuck didn't make it :(