Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tattoo: Words

Take Me Away Tattoo.
Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die Tattoo.
Miles to Go Tattoo.
Fighter Tattoo.
Love is Enough Tattoo.
I would like this as a Bayside Verse.
Compass Tattoo.

After much deliberation and research, I have discovered it impossible to narrow a tattoo choice down to just one... or seven. I have categorized my favorite tattoo choices into four subjects: Words, Animals, Objects, and Kids. Here I have displayed my favorite words or "one liners" used for tattoo's.

I think the one that say's "to weird to live, to rare to die" is exceptional. It makes me think of all those kids just discovering themselves and feeling like they don't fit in, when in actuality they are the ones that end up contributing so much to our culture and our lives. I think a lot of fictional icons today, could have had that tattoo as well. Image Edward Scissorhands with that on his chest or something.

I would love to the word Ohana written like the "Love is Enough" tattoo. The handwriting is so unique and classy. That tattoo made me sit and stare at the words forever. It stops me in my tracks because there's always this question in the back of my head about weather or not love is enough. Divorce rates are high enough to make me wonder if it is. Although maybe fickleness is what drives that boat now a days. Either way, I love the quote because it shines a shimmer of hope on those with enough faith in love to display a declaration that strong on their own skin permanently.... or until they go to get it laser removed.

Please feel free to comment and share your own favorite phrases or words you've received on your own body and a snippet on what the word, name or phrase means to you.


  1. Your going to have to elaborate more when your sober.

  2. "Not all who wander are lost" is on my right foot, you might have seen it before? I got it because my mom is bipolar and there was about 4 years she wasn't around but that quote reminded me of myself and maybe a little bit of my mom too. When people ask me about it though I usually just lie & say "eh.. it was my first tattoo." its easier than putting it all out there you know? But this post caught my eye lol.. I like quote tattoos the best! & I really like your blog! Sorry for this being so long :/

  3. No, I think that's really cool. There's so much meaning behind something so small. It's like a locket into your soul. Quotes like that can be used for things u never want to forget about yourself, or others. Very cool. Next time you see me, ya gotta show me!! :)

  4. Definitely! I always have socks on so I forget about it lol but next time for sure! i love quotes & I'm thinking about getting another but i don't know what :/

  5. do you know what font your 'love is enough' pic is?