Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Meet Your Blogger: Fun Stacism Facts

1 I will visit Hawaii… someday.

2 Cheating or any other Adulteress act is the worst thing you could EVER do. 

3 My voice always hurts after watching a Sabers or Lakers game.
I'm enthusiastic.

4 I hate Jell-O. It jiggles too much.
It makes me anxious.

5 Komodo dragon’s are the shit.                                     
Me with Precious in Michigan.

6 My main diet consists of coke, cookie dough, pizza, cupcakes and steak.

Just Pizza:Honey Smothered Crust.
Best introduction ever made throughout my college years. 
Thank you security guards Joe and Brett!!

7 Three-Wheelers are sweet. 
Ask Chris.

8 Play Kurplunk. 
Worst drinking game ever. Becky.

9 Casey is my pet gremlin. Van... is my pet hamster. 

10 The TV show Friends will never grow old.

11 If you didn’t ball your eyes out during Marley & Me, you have no soul. 
Most realistic movie EVER.

12 I lived Sweet Home Alabama… but not to the end. 
I’m finally okay with that.

13 Best song: A Failsafe Tragedy- Under Chrisom Skies.

14 Girls nights consists of binge eating to the Biggest Loser. I eat when i'm sad! That show rocks. 
The crowd might change, but the memories live on forever.

15 I’m allergic to chocolate.
But I eat it anyway. (Favorite Friendly's Dessert)

16 Gerber Daisies are my favorite: “He loves me, he loves me not…”.

17 Road Fools 14. Best bmx video. Tobias Wicke is #1. 
Chris Doyle... well he's #1 too.

18 My 2 besties are Ash and Beck. 
I’ve known Ashizzle since the 3rd grade, and Becksteroonie since 6th.

19 Golden Book Bambi is the only thing I have ever stolen in my life (donated book from my doctors office.)

I still live with the guilt.

20 I have a jar that I fill with four leaf clovers. 
I go four leaf clover shopping in the grass.

21 I own a personal planetarium SkyScout.
Sean's a great gift giver.

22 Ash and I will kick your ass at Donkey Kong Country with our eyes closed. 
Try us.

23 Brockport will always be my home.
No four walls can tie me down.

24 I suffer from nightmares almost every night.
25 I saw the SpiceGirls. Twice. Eat it.

Bucket List: Check!

26 I love Sean.

27 The only reason I like the name Charlie is because of the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven.
My Favorite Soundtrack.

28 I live my life by this quote: "The trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance." Edwin Chapin
I'm also scared shitless of it.

29 I hate fire. 
It's too hot.

30 I have have been blessed with great job experiences.

31 Becky and I rock Bayside concerts like it’s nobodies business.

32 The poem that Vada’s character in My Girl writes, is my favorite piece of writing ever.
Weeping willow with your tears running down, 
why do you always weep and frown?

Is it because he left you one day?

is it because he could not stay?

On your branches he would swing, 
do you long for the happiness that day would bring?
he found shelter in your shade. 
You thought his laughter would never fade.
Weeping willow, stop your tears.
There is something to calm you fears.
You think death has ripped you forever apart.
But I know he'll always be in your heart.

33 My Top Heroes: Storm, Pop, Laura.
I've seen what they can do, gives me COURAGE.

34 I lived out of bins and boxes for a majority of my life.
I won't do it again.

35 Stitch would have to play me if my life were made into a movie.

36 I love Canadians. 
But, I hate their accents.

37 I have a fast food/restaurant addiction.
I'm dead serious.

38 I LOVED school.
It was my home.

39 I hate gum. It’s a tease to your stomach. 

40 ToWrightLoveOnHerArms, and Post Secret are both great organizations.

41 My first college drink was 99 Apples and Coke concocted by Wendell.

42 I will NEVER forget my first love Tom. He helped make me who I am today.
(not us)

43 I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, constantly in fear of public shootings.
(amazing book)

44 I watch kids TV. and I have no kids.

45 I'm writing a book about the foster care system.
(title: stepping stones)

46 I don't have my drivers licence. Only permit...

But I want all of these.

47 I am addicted to Playto's closet.
I need a walk-in closet.

48 My wedding ring is from Tiffany's and it is certified as not being a blood diamond.

49 I LOVE going to the movies.
I think we have more Regal points than anyone.

50 My favorite drink is a Pink Punk Cosmopolitan. 
They have pink cotton candy in them.

51 Someday I will own my own skeeball game. I found it years ago under the name "alley ball" at Dick's Sporting Goods online.

Anyone have a spare $5,000 lying around?

52 I listen to Eminem, Meatloaf, Pink and the Spice Girls intermittently. 

53 I judge people that buy their pets from breeders instead of shelters.
I try not to, but it's hard.

54 My favorite Role Model: Betsy Saul. Creator of
An idea can become reality.

55 I will never listen to Zack Williams with anyone other than Sean. 

56 I hold grudges like it's nobodies business.
It makes me angry.

Did I miss any? Give me some of your "isms"!!! Some are really personal and shocking, but they are honest betrayals of oneself. Not everything can be good.


  1. i do not eat "blue" foods.
    crunching snow makes me nauseous.
    i love the smell of skunk... more than flowers...


  2. i hate bad drivers.
    i love flowers...any of them. they smell so good!
    i hate when people don't rinse the toothpaste out of the sink.
    i love cheesy,sappy movies.
    i have the bestest best friend EVER ;)!!!!
    and she loved playing Kerplunk as a drinking game, its not my fault you lost!

  3. Katy! i love isms that r really random and make u have "ahah" moments!!! Those were good ones.

    Same with yours Becky! You're so cute. I love you. But next time I'm gonna beat you. That Kerplunk game was rigged.