Monday, October 24, 2011

Dancing Among the Leaves

Dancing Among the Leaves:
Ultimate Date Ideas

Rock Climbing
Roller Skating
Ice Skating
Laser Tag
Water/Pool Volleyball
Ping Pong
Basketball Hoops
Scuba Classes
Hot Air Balloon
Star Gaze- Planetarium
Retro Movies in the Theater
Drive-Inn Movie Theater
Movie Marathon
Paint Pottery/Ceramic
Amusement Park
Sabers Game
Ropes Course/Zip Line
Trip at the Zoo
Local  Fair Circus or Carnival- Fried Dough, Fireworks
Duck Pond
Train Ride
Rent Jump House
Play Pool Together
Pumpkin Veg/Fruit Orchard Picking
Bike Ride
Brock the Port
Art’s Festival
Haunted House
Abandoned Places
Professional Photographs
Night in a Hotel
Fly a Kite
Build Together- ex: Canvas, Dog House
Watch a Sunrise
Picnic- Cemetery
Dance Lesson
Cooking Class
Art Gallery
Glass Making
Water Park
Go Karts
Explore Caves
Helicopter Ride
Cook Something New Together
Carriage Ride
Rent a Paddle Boat
Walk Along Beach
Balloon Filled Room
Board Game Night
Sketch Your Dream Home Floor Plan
Water Balloon Fight
Dart Gun War
Eat Ice Cream on same side of a Booth
Golf Range
Volunteer Together
Snow Shooing
Puzzle Making
Miniature Golf
Garage Sales/Thrift Store
Make Gingerbread House
Construct an Igloo/Snowman
Watch Monday Night Football
Attend Local Stage Production
Tour of a Factory
Smoosh Pennies on Train Tracks
Murder Mystery Dinner
Attend Sporting Event
Learn How to Change a Flat Tire
Mud Track Races
Bubble Bath Hot Tub Party
Gun/Target Range
Bow & Arrow
Tennis Courts
Wash Dogs Outside
Wash/Clean the Car
Hair/Massage Day
Themed Party Just for the Two of You
Dog Park
Walk/Jog Together
o   Go the local railroad tracks and put down a bunch of pennies. Spend time talking or drinking hot chocolate while you wait for the train to pass. At the end of the night you will have penny souvenirs to remember the evening by.
o   Have a competition to design a protective package for an unboiled egg. You cannot spend more than $1 on supplies. Then see whose egg can be dropped from a pre-determined height without breaking. Make up a certificate for the winner.
o   Five couples, each couple had to be tied together in some way (at the wrist or the ankle, etc.) Each individual person had a different disability that he/she picked out of a hat at the beginning of the date (blind, missing an arm, no fingers, etc.). Each person helped make a certain stage of the meal. 
o   "Write down different favorite places to eat on individual pieces of paper. Put them into a container. Write down different meal courses (i.e. appetizer, soup, salad, main meal, dessert, etc.) on individual pieces of paper. Put them into a second container. Take turns, selecting first a location, then a course. You may have an appetizer at Baskin Robbins, soup at a Chinese restaurant, salad at McDonalds, main course at Taco Bell, dessert at Subway, etc.
o   Take them to different places that are selling kittens or puppies that you found previously in the classifieds of your newspaper. (American Bulldog if Sean is listening.) Let them pick out their favorite one.
o   Make a trophy for game nights. Who wouldn't want to win a personalized game night token.

   Please post some additional ideas or dates you've been on. What were you're favorite ideas?