Monday, May 23, 2011

Go To Your Room!

 Can you say perfect?
When I stayed at a friends house, my friend Maddie had a chalk wall in her room.
Chooooo Choooo!
 Vroooom Vrooooom!
                         Jeff and Jon Ciotti. Enough said.

I want one.
 My grey and yellow color scheme!
If I could replicate this room exactly, I would, and I will try.
                                                                                            I want cubby beds.                          
 Can't get enough of that Tiffany's blue.

                                                                                                      Animal Theme.
                                 Fort/Bunkbed/TreeHouse                                         Spaceship
Is there any better way to save room than to put bunkbeds into the wall space? 
I don't think so! Perfection. (Do you notice the "uglies" 
stuffed animals on the couch? This room was made for me.)
I definitely see this as a bad idea. As much as I want one, I think it's 
just inviting broken bones.But, that being said, I think I'm 
going to go google instructions on how to put one in.
There's so many inexpensive ideas to spruce up ones room. 
Looking at little deco ideas here and there adds up to a 
whole lot of pocket change saved.
Girlie doesn't always mean bad Staci!
 Do you think my landlord would mind me chiseling/dremeling/hacking
a small arch into my bedroom?
 Does this kid seriously own a play tent house? 
 Ummm... I feel jipped. 
I want this now. But less blue, more black pearl.

Sean's got some work on his plate. His honey-to-do list is about to become a mile long.

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