Monday, May 2, 2011


I made this mosaic for my brother one birthday. 
I sure delight for any old school gamer.
I cut my squares out of felt sticker paper and stuck them to a large 
thin square of wood. Time consuming but suuuuper easy.

Plan on doing this for one of my anniversary with Sean. Looks like the perfect 
personalized present for a gift certificate or something that I know he'll love. 
It's a great way for him to save as a memento, (which you better 
believe he does.) haha

I used to have one of these bunny towels when i was younger.
We called it BooBoo Bunny. It has a perfect place to put ice cubes inside for
when that little one gets hurt; used to comfort me as a kid. Perfect
handmaid baby shower present.

My boss Laura, at D'Youville, loved ladybugs due to her sorority title in
college, (hope I didn't get that wrong.) I made something similar to this for her
before I graduated. It's nice to personalize presents to things that are
significant to their everyday life. 

These handmade stuffed animals remind me of the "uglies". I received my 
first orange "ugly" about two years ago from my brother and sister in law. 
That and my Komodo dragon, are the only stuffed animals I really still 
keep out. Just think of making one of these little guys for a nephew or niece
and having em carry it around where ever they go. Maybe I'm crazy, but I love them. 

Anything with Coca-Cola is cool by me. Look at how cute this little deco idea is! 
Wish I had the patience to make it.

When I did Big Brother, Big Sister, the kids LOVED little easy crafts like this. 

This one is perhaps my favorite diy craft. I had made them for a friend's 
birthday. You can cut out ANY style paper or picture you want and glue it to a 
scrabble letter and cover it with gleam glue to- vuella- have really cute custom 
necklace charms. It could be worn on a ribbon choker style, or long chain necklace.

You know a craft is gonna be fun if it involves popsicle sticks.
When I used to babysit, this is probably the craft that kept the kids entertained the 
longest. They liked coloring, they liked cutting, and they liked storytelling. You 
can find just about any theme of pictures to print out online and a bunch of 
popsicle sticks to make a perfect craft that lasts all day.

Ultimate dot-to-dot. I wanna play.

Oober cute vintage handmade purse.

Blurred pic, but Crayola used to convert photos into colorable prints of paper. 
I never got to take advantage of it when I saw the add, but I wish Sean would 
do something like this for me!

This was my gift to Sean on our 3 year anniversary. He thought it was 
extremely creative and funny. I've even caught him taken it out of his sock drawer 
to read every now and then. The next year, I did "52 days I loved spending with 
you". That included 52 photos of my favorite moments with him. You could 
change this theme to nearly anything. When my mom and step-dad got 
together I made them one that said, "52 questions to get to know your 
partner." She ended up using it for co-workers and friends. bringing it to 
events asking one question over a long span of time. I found it romantic and fun.

I feel guilty, but I can't say for sure who I made this card for. I believe it was 
Laura in the bookstore. I had seen the cross stitch style handmade card 
idea online and I spun it off into my own thing.

I love this. If i had the heart, I'd break my meatloaf cassette into two 
and make one of these! Wishlist ideas people!!!
I was HOPING and praying Sean would do this for me. 
Instead, I became the one inviting him to live in my apartment for our 
first time, so I kinda ruined that. Woulda been a nice proposal too. 
A nut next to a ring! *Giddy with romance.

Sean will do this for me someday. Soon. When I tell him.
How can you pass up using a vintage suitcase as a picnic haven?
The two most romantic dates Sean and I ever went on were picnics at the pier. 
We ran in cold air all the way to the end of the Charlotte Pier and ate snacks. I remember 
it was with Veronica and her man.We ate deep fried ice cream and talked 
all day while laughing so hard. The second, was at the Buffalo Pier 
near the peace bridge. It was one of the toughest weeks of my life and Sean 
swooped me away and took me on a picnic down at the water. He's so good.

Ever since I saw this idea, I've been determined to do it before milk cartons become 
obsolete. How cute does that turn out!?! Perfectly easy present to make.

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