Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Dog Leg Warmers.

Prep up the pups. Dog Bow Tie.
Use no frizz glue to hold the fabric together after those delicate cutting jobs.
Hang beads off of branches for an elegant display.

Who knew straws had such amazing purpose?

Time consuming, but worth while project.

Easy as one-two-three.

Find letter stickers to adhere to a glass frame and put one of these cute and easy dry erase boards together.

This is a Nick and Kate present for when they buy a home. 
Totally unique and fun for that spunky, cool, friend you never know what to buy.
Memory keepsake jars. Label them by month, year or even by event!

Photo jar frames. Old and new.

Can you say mothers day present?

Vase coloring Step-By-Step.
What about enveloping a frame with the location of the map where you had your first date? and the hearts could be filled with locations that your best friends (or family) live in? Find spunky unique different patterns and colors by searching different map sites.
Ribbon organization is key.

These can be a bit pricey... so why not make one yourself!

Cool christmas trees ideas. I'm going to find out just how time consuming they really are to make.


Fake fur scarf from JoAnn's sewn inward.

Simple decor.

Buy pumpkins made out of styrofoam for easier cutting.

Complicated but worth it.

 Cute and easy necklaces.

Hoops. Love em.
Shadow Boxes.
 Shelve it. Ladder Shelf. Book Shelf.
Hang it. Jewelry Hanger.
Scrap Fabric Belt.
Tie it. Scrap Fabric Wreath.
 Hang those photos. Make it look like a poloroid for vintage style.
 Sexy pumpkin stockings tied up.
Shoe "rack".                                                   Hanker chief sewn together skarf.
Candels. Lights.
Bed End Briefcase Chest.