Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scene It

       I want to travel to every one of these places. I wanna sit in a hammock and look out onto each of them. I hope the home Sean and I own someday makes me feel like one of these places. I want photographs on all of my walls. I would like each of them to remind me of peace and serenity. Sean and I are always dreaming of vacations. We've never gone on a real trip together. Sean would love to travel the world. I think its that artistic side itching to explore creative cultures. I however, never really felt the urge to go anywhere else other than America. Don't get me wrong. I love learning about other places and getting to meeting people with worldly personalities. But, I love it right where I am. 

       I guess the only places I ever wish to visit would be Hawaii, and Alaska. I know, polar opposites right? I would like to see an iceberg with my own eyes or a sunset on the water knowing I'm sitting on a tiny island in the ocean. I remember going on a road trip across the country and my uncle would ask me at every stop, "Would you want to move here?", and I'd say, "No." haha I can find the beauty in boot hill, barefoot landings or the grand canyons. But, its the feeling I desire when I look at them, not the place. I want a dainty little home, kids running around is questionable, pets are a definite, immaculate taste in furniture, impeccable room themes and relaxing ambiance. Come visit my place as a vacation when I get it.

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