Monday, May 9, 2011


Tattoo Wings.
Tattoo Pulse.

Galaxy Tattoos.
Paper Crane Tattoo.
Lamp Tattoo. Polaroid Camera Tattoo.
Paper Airplane Tattoo.
World Map Tattoo.

Skeleton Tattoo.
Puzzle Piece Tattoo. Keyhole tattoo.

              Let's just say I'm never going to be able to choose. They all look amazing. Whether I'd have the balls to get some or not is a whole other story. I think the two tinniest ones on this page are the only ones I've seriously dedicated myself to. I want to get a puzzle piece with my best friend Ashley, and a key/key hole with my best friend Becky. Besides that, I really wish I could get the stars on my back. I love anything having to do with astronomy. Talking about astronomy, I'm past due for my bed time. Time to dream up more tattoo ideas!

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