Monday, April 18, 2011

Up Up & Away

       Can you tell I have a thing for balloons? Weather its a Hot Air Balloon, Water Balloon, or Birthday Balloon, I'm all about it. Look at the mystery in the pictures with the women holding onto the balloons. They're holding onto... hope, thoughts, any of these things that could float away if they don't hold onto them strong enough.
      The 99 red balloons were released at a funeral. I absolutely LOVE the idea. Although, the family had a difficult time gaining approval to do the ceremony. I guess now they fine/penalize people for the release of too many balloons into the air due to it being a pollution/recycling issue. I'm all about going green, but I found it rather sincere and poetic rather than damaging and harmful.
      On another note, i think the hot air balloons are really neat. How many people can say they're ridden inside a Hot Air Balloon!?! It's going on my bucket list. Sean and I talked about going on a Hot Air Balloon ride for the longest time. But the only personal trips we found available around here were for no less than $500 per couple. I hope they have another hot air balloon festival in this area again next summer because I heard through the grape-vine that those trips only cost $50. I so want to go! Imagine seeing the world from high above and in an open area, unlike on a plane. Seems like it would feel so liberating. 
       Water balloons kind of do the same thing. They're exhilarating! I don't think water balloons EVER get old. It's the equalizer of all "toys". Makes me want to go fill one right now... while Sean's in the other room...


  1. Being that high up in the air scares me to my limit, but when I was little I had this obsession with baloons and letting them go. I would stand there for minutes gawking into the sky wondering where my balloon would end up. I always imagined a little girl on the other side of the world finding it, or it making its way into the busy streets of China. I also always wondered when my balloon would stop going up, back then I thought hey, my balloon could go into space!

  2. Sean said he always thought the same thing too! lol to think of outter space full of balloons would be really cool. Sean said they don't actually pop but that his weather class told him they diflate and fall back to earth. i always thought they popped. Makes me wanna see the lifespan of a balloon and where they end up after we let them go. It's like thinking about the afterlife... who knows... I wanna know the furthest miles a balloon fell back to earth after being released somewhere else.