Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A is for Awake

        I love watching people ride. I hope we have another few good contests in the area this year. I'll never forget my first Metro Jam in Toronto or the KINK Halloween Jam. They're always full of really enthusiastic, quick witted, fun people. I love the bmx lifestyle. Its laid back, free spirited and adventurous. I try and surround myself with people from that lifestyle so they rub off on my up tight, strict scheduled personality. I like just relaxing watching them all as they ride. It looks like art work. My friend Nick, always does a whiplash/foot jam tail-whip cuz he knows I like the way those look. 

       My favorite bmx video to watch is Road Fools 14 and my favorite riders are Tobias Wicke and Chris Doyle. (Thank you Roman for getting my first BMX autograph!) They ride so smooth and seem like really cool, just your friend next door, type of guys. Gotta love that Chris has been with the same girl for like the past six years or so and got married just last year on Halloween. Then there's Tobias, who hates American girls. Unfortunately I have no hope of getting with either of them, but I sure do love me some bmx eye candy. Glad i bagged me a guy all about the bmx lifestyle. Now to just get him to stop sleeping with his bike and start sleeping with me...

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