Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfect Package

Chihuahua's Galore!!!

           I want one of each of these. Who knew that a 'highly obsessive to the pitbull breed' women, would cast their eyes on one of these little brutes and fall in love? Prior to my husband and I getting married, we always argued about what breed of dog we would get. I said pitbull, he said shih tzu. When we went to the Rochester Animal Shelter, I would have never thought that a tiny little thing like Casey would capture my heart the way she did. She's an ankle bitting, independent, dominant, excitable, seven pounds of joy. I think we just found the mix of a pitbull/shih tzu personality. Who would have known? Not too long after, we discovered adopting dogs is like getting tattoo's. You can't narrow it down to just one. Soon, Lollipop's "I swear, all i want to do is look" trip, turned into "let's buy that one!". Vuella, Van was adopted. I'm not really sure where it'll end, because the second I have that 'dream home', I'm gonna burst into the 'dream amount of pets I can afford'. So pumped, I feel like house hunting.

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