Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tattoo: Animals

Wolf Tattoo.
Octopus Tattoo.
Vulture Tattoo.
Deer Head Tattoo.
Owl Tattoo.
Free Caged Bird Tattoo.
Blue Whale Tattoo.
Dog Angel Tattoo.
Bird on Perch Tattoo.

      When I was a kid, I wanted a tattoo SO bad. I heard a friend's dad tell them to find an image significant enough that they would want to get it tattooed on them. He told her to print out the picture and post it on her headboard. If she still liked it a year later, when she turned 16, then he'd get it for her. Turned out she didn't like it, and never did get it, but as I listened to them over the years, I decided to play the same game. I printed out the picture below and found Chinese letters that mean "Storm". I kept it in my pocket for the longest time. YEARS passed, and I honestly mean years, and I still wanted it. I LOVE the image. But once I passed the milestone of convincing myself that I wouldn't get sick of it... now I can't choose where to get it placed. I struggle so much with the decision that it honestly holds me off from getting one at all. I have tattoo cold feet. After toying with where I'd like it, I started to look for similar images with a better flow to them to have more options of where I could put it. This moved me to change my decision to the dog with wings image above... Now, I have to start the acceptance steps all over again. This is harder than finding my lifetime companion. I wish one would just buy me a damn diamond already.


  1. Hey Staci! Awesome post! My rule is just get it and if you don't like it later...well that's too damn bad :)

  2. it looks like van, funny you go out and get a dog that looks like your dream tattoo...nut that just adds to the significance :)