Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Before & After

Not your typical Before and After's.

One of the most mesmerizing photographs of our time.
"Afghan Girl"

Sean helped me do this project! A trip to Salvation Army, 
$35 bucks later (including paint) and VUELLA! A handmade nightstand dog bed.

This women's hair looked amazing before her after.

I daydream of doing this brick trick with my future home. 
It's finished product looks flawless.
I love that their wood trim is painted white too. 
Sean always calls me unusual. 

Reese Witherspoon's long hair versus short.
Can't decide which I like more.

Kim Kardashian
Who thought hair color could make that much of a difference!?

Is this the same dog?

This would be a money saver. 
Insane what one could think up for home deco money preservation.

I could see this cosmetic trick used to get the feel for an upgraded kitchen. 
Makes the home look like its automatically in a higher bracket range.

This is nutz. Whatch out boys. It happens.
Check the before and after. Not just the club face.

Doing more with less.

Unpacking. My before looks worse. Give me 24 hours and it'll look like this after.

Gotta love commercialization.

I can't tell which is better.
Green wall or more natural feel?

Air brushed before and after. True Story.

One persons garbage is another persons treasure.
Spark of red to spruce things up.

How would they even see the need to air brush a Kardashian?

Simple and cute.

 Tiffany's Color!


Inspiring Story. Insanely uplifting despite excruciatingly painful.

Beautiful Transformation Kitchen Upgrade.

Annie used to say, "That's 'inexpensive', not 'cheap' ". 
I think of her when I see things like this. 
Buy it inexpensively and make it look expensive. ;)

Upholster Everything. Such a good idea.

Cool art idea.
Organize the unorganized.
Break. It. Down.

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