Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIU. Do-It-Up

 Easy to do with your kids or for your kids.
Craft Time

 I love this idea because it's a neat way to teach your kids the color wheel. 
Use the top cubicles to die your water the basic colors.
In the lower ones, let your kids mix them to make new colors.
I could see myself as a child spending all day playing with something like this. 
I think the best part is, its made of objects found around the yard or house. Just give your kids a bucket of water or marbles to dump down the top of the maze and see where they end up. A free outdoor project to keep your kid busy for hours. 

I love summer crafts. Could spruce up deco in the living room or look cute on a child's shelf.
 DIY bows. 
Cut fabric at increasing lengths and sew them together to make different size loops. 
Pinch these loops from biggest to smallest and sew them together. 
You could do something tiny, cute, and special with a simple craft like this. 
Have it unravel and say Happy Birthday, or Sunshine, or a persons name. 
Summer fun in the sun. Both of these could be great for group fun. The ball toss could be a weekend project. Make a playdate inside to decorate the wood (pre-cut those holes). Then outside the next to play! I also saw one with netting stapled on the negative side of the wood around the holes so the balls are easier to retrieve. The twister game is simple spray paint on grass. Make sure you have the game spinner to twist and turn all around the yard. 
Look at these clever ideas found on Personalized Prints. The coke idea could be used for mothers day too people ;) I think the decorated note card pack would be a cute anniversary present too husbands. All of these are so holiday-interchangeable and adorably personalized.

Chalk Board Globe. Great for professors in the classroom or deco for the kids room. Looks simple to make and fruitful for the brain.
I am OBSESSED with countdowns. In college I was the countdown queen! Any special event on that calendar could be built up with some spunky enthusiasm. This is the absolute first craft I would make after owning a sewing machine, (which will be included into our home cost.:) You could make the fabric out of neutral colors so that the event could be anything. A RE-USABLE COUNTDOWNER! I like the button idea because when I had imagined my own design I thought of velcro strips on the ends, but I believe buttons would be a money saver although the pattern would be a little more complicated. I think this would make an AMAZINGLY unique baby shower present. What parent doesn't want to countdown to their special day. Not only that, but it could become one of their families unique traditions to countdown for special events in their child's future.
LOVE. Anything to make christmas seem less like a dreadful event and more like an enthusiastic adventure. 
First day of school present. 
I want to make one of these for my kids birthday and to use it for their smaller presents. It'd be cute for them to wake up to at their seat in the dining room on their special day every year.

I want one of these! How useful of a tool?! You could make puffs for ANY occasion!!!

Great birthday party ideas. What child (or adult for that matter) doesn't absolutely LOVE Lego's?

This lady had a fantastic idea for her family portrait. She took pics of her son and cut them out very precisely. Then she projector screened them onto canvas. After drawing his outlines she painted them in and vuella. I like the idea of making a family portrait with this same idea. Take a pic of mom, dad, the dogs, all the kids. Line them up and paint them in. So perfect.

 Tetris blocks!!!! How cool is this idea? So easy. Make sure you look for a safe hard glaze to cover the paint if giving them as presents for small children.
Easy paper deco.
Easy fabric deco.

Handmade Trophies. I put the pic of the rock and candle stick up to show an idea for the base of a trophy to glue some cute figurines to. Any nick-nack's lying around the house could have just found a real purpose. Glue some of these puppies together and spray-paint them to look uniform and bam you have yourself the next family game night trophy. Make sure you have plenty of them to go around. Make them all just as special and unique as the next.

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